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LeafScreen gutter protection system benefits

LeafScreen's spouting and gutter protection systems provide you with the best way to look after and care for your roof gutters across New Zealand - from leafy Auckland suburbs to back-country farms. 

LeafScreen's Gutter Guard System offers a range of benefits, including saving you time and money on gutter cleaning, preventing leaves entering your gutters and drains - saving you from expensive problems later, providing quality rainwater for harvesting, and preventing rodents and vermin from entering your roof space. Gutter guards also provide important protection for your home from damage caused by blocked drains and overflowing gutters

Clear, free flowing gutters

LeafScreen is a long term, effective solution for clean, free-flowing gutters in Auckland. Our external gutter protection systems are the best solution for maintaining your roof gutters. 

Healthy water collection

LeafScreen gutter mesh is the first step in fresh rainwater harvesting in Auckland. If you are on tank supply, rest easy knowing that the water is flowing through gutters protected from leaves, birds and vermin. 

Bespoke installation service

Every LeafScreen customer receives a plan and installation service tailored to their building’s exact requirements. This means your gutter guards will be the perfect fit, installed safely by gutter solution professionals.

Guaranteed results

LeafScreen gutter guards are manufactured by Tapex, who provide a ten-year manufacturer’s warranty. We stand by our installation with a five-year workmanship warranty. 

Avoid these common gutter problems

LeafScreen gives four seasons of gutter protection. Gutter guards help prevent damage from bird nests, leaves, debris, vermin, rodents and snow.

LeafScreen Gutter Protection - Auckland
LeafScreen Gutter Protection - Auckland
LeafScreen Gutter Protection - Auckland
LeafScreen Gutter Protection - Auckland

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