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Leaf Guards: Guaranteed Performance in the Long Term

Perhaps the best thing about leaf guards is that they will do their job excellently all the time even in the long run. This is due to their design and make.

Professional installation is essential as well. Find out how these components work together to give you the highest level of protection from structural damage caused by rainwater, gutter damage and bird and possum infestation.

Leaf Guards: Flawless Operation

The gutter mesh is the main component of leaf guards. It is made from waterproof plastic and has tiny holes. It covers the entire gutter completely. Its structure keeps leaves, most pine needles, twigs and bigger seeds out of the gutter.

Only the smallest of particles can get inside. At the same time, the holes let rainwater through. With no clogging and effective water precipitation through the mesh, you can expect your gutter system to work at its optimal capacity all the time.

You do have to provide some maintenance to the leaf guards in order for them to work optimally in the long term. We recommend a simple flush once or twice a year. The gutter mesh is attached to the roof, on one side, and to the outer edge of the gutter on the other. In this way, it follows the slope of the roof perfectly. It works as its extension.

Leaves and other debris pieces will roll down the gutter cover in the same way they roll down the roof. They will be aided by gravity and by the wind. The surface of the mesh is fairly smooth and slippery and this will aid the process to a great extent.

Leaf Guards: Strength and Durability

The gutter mesh cover is made to be quite strong. That way, it can resist very powerful impact. Even if branches fall on it during a rainstorm, you should not expect it to incur any damage. It will stay perfectly in place especially if it has been professionally installed.

The mesh is made to be resistant to the harmful impacts of the elements. It is made from virgin grade plastic which is water resistant by nature. The high quality UV stabilizer used guarantees that the mesh will not suffer any damage from the ultraviolet radiation of the sun for at least 10 years, or we will replace it.

The strength and durability of the gutter cover and its appropriate installation make it the perfect barrier against the entry and permanent settling of birds and possums. This can save you a lot of hassle and money.

Enjoy long term, proven, and effective protection with leaf guards. Get a FREE, NO-OBLIGATION.

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