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The Benefits Of A Gutter Guard System

A gutter guard system is used to filter out litter and debris and prevent them from getting into the rain gutters of a house.

The guards work best during rainy seasons by keeping debris from being washed into gutters by the rain.

Often during heavy windy periods, a lot of dirt is usually blown around and if you are capturing your rain water, this dirt can easily get into your water storage tanks.

A Gutter Guard System Is An Investment

With a gutter guard system, you will not only save time not having to fully clean out your gutter system, but also not having to clean your water tank as often.

There are different types of guards in the market that are made from different materials. We recommend and sell our patented plastic mesh as it is proven to be more durable and a great long term investment that benefits your home.

Without gutter guards, you may spend a lot of money hiring a cleaner to unblock and take out all the debris from your gutters and water collection tank. This can be costly, especially if you have to hire a cleaner after every rainy season. By installing a gutter guard system, it will well and truly pay for itself and more by reducing your maintenance and repair costs. 

A Gutter Guard System Is Weather Resistant

Our gutter guard system is made from strong patented material that is durable and resistant to harsh weather conditions. Our premium gutter guard system comes with a 10 year warranty on our mesh, a five year workmanship warranty, and a one year peace of mind warranty which indicates how strong and durable our products are. 

When considering a gutter guard system, there are a number of things you should consider. First of all the area you live in is important for us to know. Are you in a high rain fall area? Are you surrounded by trees? Do you have a pest problem?

What colour mesh would complement your home? Our highly professional and friendly team will help you work through this process and guide you towards the best gutter guard solution for you.

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