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Are Gutter Guards Worth It?

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

Are Gutter Guards Worth It?

When considering the value of installing gutter guards, the question to ask yourself is, "can I afford not to install gutter protection?" Gutter protection is an astute investment as part of any building maintenance programme. If a gutter system is impaired by blockages and water is unable to flow freely to the down pipes and away from your building, it is at risk of costly water damage. Blocked gutters in dry environments carry an increased fire risk and open gutters also leave a building vulnerable to bird or rat infestation. While some gutters are more prone to blockages from leaf matter depending on the environment around them, there are a number of surprising causes of blocked gutters that could affect any gutter system. The installation of a proven gutter mesh to maintain the function of the gutters is therefore a valuable investment.

Why Gutter Guards?

Gutter protection is known by many names - gutter guards, leaf guards, gutter mesh, leaf screens, to name a few. They have been designed to prevent gutters from being blocked so that the gutters can perform their key function of removing rainwater away from the roof and building to prevent water damage. Water damage can go undetected in some buildings for a long time, but the damage can be devastating to the structural integrity of that building and bring the added adverse by-products of water damage such as moss, mildew, and mold. Not only costly issues to repair, they put the health and well being of the inhabitants at risk.

In addition to potential water damage, is the increased fire risk in gutters that have leaf debris sitting in the gutters. Even in times of drought we want to protect our gutters from blocking as the dry, dead twigs, sticks and branches can assist the spread of fire.

With gutter guard protection in place the homeowner will have the added piece of mind that comes from preventing birds from nesting or rats and other vermin from taking up residence in the roof space. These unwelcome, noisy guests can transport disease and fleas and damage wiring, piping and other internal structures. Installing a trusted gutter mesh product professionally is a worthy investment to keep your roof space free of unwanted vermin.

How do Gutters Block?

It is commonly known that gutters can be blocked by leaf matter, some gutters on a building may be more prone to blockages depending on their location in relation to nearby trees and the prevailing wind direction. But gutters are also commonly blocked by a number of different causes- from nesting birds, transporting objects such as plastic bags, to tennis balls and other sporting equipment, from clothing to deceased vermin. It pays to put in place an externally fixed gutter mesh that will allow the rain water from the roof to enter the gutter system, but prevent the larger debris and objects from getting in to block the flow of water through the gutters to the down pipes.

What is the Best Way to keep the Gutters Clear?

Investing in an externally fixed, mesh,gutter protection system is the best long-term solution to keep your gutters clear. For NZ gutter solutions you will want to consider installing a mesh that is made from a UV stabilised, durable yet pliable material, ready to cope with the four seasons gutter protection requirements of your building. If you harvest water, or may consider doing so in the future, ensure the mesh is food grade. For NZ gutter protection it is best to choose a mesh that has proven to be effective over time. Some mesh varieties, like LeafScreen, have been installed for 20 years and are still performing well. A worthy investment.

Why Chose a Gutter Mesh to Protect my Gutters?

The mesh in an externally fixed gutter protection system is the key component of the system. Externally fixed systems keep the gutters free to do their job. The aperture of the gutter mesh needs to be of a certain size to allow for heavy rain fall to run into the gutter while keeping out most leaf debris. While some small debris and bird seed may pass through into the gutters, without the larger leaves and other potential blockages the rainwater should flush these through to the down pipes. Larger debris is then able to fall away from the roof, aided by gravity and wind. Having an externally installed mesh leaf guard means that you have protection 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

So, Are Leaf Guard Gutters Good?

It does not matter what you call them – Gutter Guards, Gutter Mesh, Leaf Guards, Leaf Screens, they are a vital part of any gutter maintenance programme. Protecting from water damage, decreasing fire risks for your building, inhibiting the infestation of birds or vermin in the roof space, and preventing blockages from any number or weird and wonderful items that can find their way to your gutter system. Installing a proven and trusted mesh product that can withstand the harsh NZ climate will dramatically reduce your maintenance requirements and improve the integrity of your gutter system and building. You can’t afford not to install a leaf guard system!

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