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LeafScreen for a Safe Home Environment

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

You want your home to be cosy and safe.

One way to ensure this is through the installation of a gutter guard. The system's primary task is to prevent rainwater damage to the structural elements of the house. However, it can do a lot more for keeping your loved ones safe and protected. Find out how it will work to give you the safety which you require.

Gutter Guard: Mould Prevention The reality is that mould is not only ugly and hard to remove. It is actually a major allergen. It can cause allergies in people of all ages with children being more vulnerable. It can worsen serious conditions affecting the respiratory like asthma and bronchitis. With the use of a gutter protection system the risk of mould formation will be lowered considerably. When the gutter guard is installed, it prevents gutter blockage by keeping leaves out while letting rainwater in. That way, there is no rainwater overflowing. The rainwater can never spill over to the roof structures and find its way down to the foundation. The walls of your home will remain perfectly dry so mould will not grow on them. A home without mould is safer and much easier to maintain as well. You will not spend hundreds of dollars on mould removal treatments which may turn out to be ineffective. You will not have to repaint the walls or change the wallpapers frequently.

Gutter Guard: Eliminating Pest Threats One of the best things about the gutter mesh cover is that it acts as a strong barrier against the entry of birds and possums. These pests are not only annoying. They actually carry different viruses, bacteria and parasites like lice which can be easily spread within your home especially if you have small kids and/or pets that play around all day long. The gutter cover does an excellent job in keeping these disease-spreading animals away from your home. You can have peace of mind that your loved ones will be protected from them without the use of inhumane or chemical-based protection systems. You will not have to worry about disinfecting the attic and the outdoor furniture on a regular basis. Overall, the gutter guard gives you a much safer home in more ways than one. It does this in a completely safe as well as effective manner. Given that the protection system has excellent durability, you will enjoy perfect safety for decades to come. These factors make the investment in this system worthwhile in every respect.

For further information, talk to us at LeafScreen today.


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