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Life Without a Gutter Guard

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

Some people claim that investing in a gutter guard system is not worthwhile.

They believe they can manage their home without this kind of protection. However, you should ask just how well you're doing this?

Consider what may happen if you do not take adequate gutter protection measures over time.

Debris and Clogging with No Gutter Guard

The main purpose of the gutter guard is to prevent leaves and other debris from entering and blocking the drain channel which takes rainwater from your roof down to the ground. With a good protection system in place, the debris will just slide down while all the rainwater will be collected.

If the debris keeps piling and the drain channel is blocked, you could be in trouble. Some of the rainwater from the roof may find its way down the wall of your home.

It can then destroy timber surfaces quite easily. If the water gets collected in the foundations of your house, this may have catastrophic consequences.

While moisture may not instantly damage the structure of your house, it can over time. One of the most immediate consequences is the presence of mould.

It not only looks and smells bad. It can cause allergies and serious respiratory problems.

Gutter Guards, Debris and Fire

Dry leaves, twigs and other plant material clogging your drain channel will eventually dry out. If a wildfire were to break out in your area, a burning ember reaching your gutter would immediately spark a fire.

If you weren't around, this could result in your entire home, and all yours, and your loved one's, belongings being destroyed.

With the right gutter guard in place however, minimal debris will be collected in the drain channel.

You also reduce your risk of injury by not having to clean the gutter so frequently. Climbing up on a ladder and removing debris leaves the potential for serious injury. Even if you choose to hire someone to do it for you, just think of the money you'll be saving from the reduced visits.

There are many benefits to having a gutter guard system installed. To learn more about this fabulous product, or to get a FREE, NO-OBLIGATION Quote call us on 0800 53 23 53 or fill in the Contact Form>>

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