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More Efficient Rain Harvesting with Gutter Guards

New Zealand is among the countries with the purest rainwater.

Collecting it and using it in your home can save you a large fraction of the money you spend on mains water and help protect the environment.

With gutter guards covering the gutters of your house, the benefits of rain harvesting will be much greater.

Collect All the Rainwater from Your Roof with Gutter Guards

The purpose of the protection system is to keep the majority of leaves, twigs, pollen particles and other debris out of the gutters. This is possible thanks to the mesh material used to cover the gutters.

Thanks to its tiny holes, most debris pieces do not enter the drain channel and are naturally blown off the roof by the wind.

The rainwater drain system of your home will work at its full capacity after the installation of gutter guards. All the water falling on your roof will drain through the mesh and get collected inside the tank you have in place on the ground.

The drain system will work at its full capacity all the time so you will harvest the maximum possible amount of water every time it rains.

Keep Collected Rainwater Pure with Gutter Guards

Clogged gutters can increase the risk of contamination of the harvested rainwater and cause damage to the collection system that you have installed. Without protective cover, debris pile up inside the drain channel and trap water.

The formed water pools attract mosquitoes and other insects which lay their eggs there. Mould can also form on the surface of the rotting debris mass. Bird and possum droppings may be present inside the gutter as well.

All the debris, insect eggs, bacteria and viruses present in droppings can be easily picked up by the streaming rainwater and end up with it in the tank. Since gutter guards work to prevent debris collection and keep birds and possums away from your roof and gutters, they reduce the risk of rainwater getting contaminated to the very minimum.

With these, the collected water will be nearly as pure as it is when it falls on the roof.

You can use the harvested rainwater outdoors for irrigation in the garden and for washing your house windows and car. This water can be used inside the house as well for flushing the toilet, for washing clothes and even for washing the dishes.

It should be perfectly safe to use for showering as well. With gutter guards, you will be able to lower your mains water consumption by as much as 40 per cent.

Consider investing in gutter guards for your home. Contact us at LeafScreen today for your free quote!


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