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Protect All Structures in Your Home with Gutter Guards

Updated: Apr 26

a close-up shot of leaves blocking a roof gutter

The main purpose of gutter guards is to prevent your gutter system from getting blocked. However, this seemingly basic protection extends to your entire home.

Take a look at all the ways in which the structures of your home will be protected from damage after you have the protective mesh cover installed.

Gutter Guards For All Protection

Gutter Protection: The gutter guards protect the drain channel not only from clogging. They protect its structure as well in more ways than one. The debris clogging the channel will retain moisture which can easily damage its metal surface. The constant presence of moisture can damage even plastic gutters eventually as mould grows on the plastic surfaces. Besides, the weight of the debris can cause the drain channel to get misplaced and eventually to fall down.

Roof Protection: Without gutter guards, the drain channel can easily get clogged. During heavy rains, the rainwater will overflow going onto the roof. It can cause damage to individual shingles and to create holes between them. Roof maintenance and repair are extremely expensive. At the same time, if measures for fixing roof problems are not taken quickly, rainwater can eventually start dripping inside your house.

Wall Protection: Rainwater overflowing clogged gutters can go down the walls of your house. What many people do not know is that it flows not only on the outside. It finds its way inside the walls causing internal and impossible to detect damage. As the walls retain more and more rainwater, it eventually goes down to the ground and can cause some serious rot issues. Protect your biggest investment by having gutter guards in place. The rainwater will go directly into the ground or in the collection tank.

Gutter Guards To Keep The Inside Of Your House Safe Too

Timber Protection: Water will go inside any timber structures in the way it will go inside concrete and brick walls. Moisture damages and destroys timber much more quickly. Hence, you can expect to spend a lot on the repair and replacement of timber structures if your gutters are not working properly.

Foundations Protection: Eventually, the rainwater which is not properly drained will reach the foundations of your home and start damaging them slowly. In the long term, the damage may become so great that your house may no longer be suitable for living. Even if it is possible to take adequate repair measures, this may cost you a fortune. Unfortunately too many Kiwis have learnt this the hard way with the Leaky Homes fiasco.

You can help protect your house and preserve its value in the long run by having gutter guards installed.

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