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What is the Best Gutter Screen?

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

Gutter screens come in different forms and can be called leaf guards, gutter mesh or gutter protection systems. Gutter protection systems can be internally placed into the gutter or externally fixed over the gutter and can be made from many different materials.

As a homeowner it is important to ask yourself ‘what do I need from a gutter protection system?’ If you want the most effective gutter screen for free-flowing gutters that can prevent vermin or birds entering your roof space, keep tank water clear and clean, then you will find an externally fitted system will be the best solution.

What are the Different Types of Gutter Protection Systems?

The key difference between gutter protection systems is whether they are fitted internally – into the gutter itself, or if they are externally fixated – a protection mesh or screen that attaches from the roof to the outer edge of the gutter.

Common internal gutter protection systems are made from materials like foam, bristles or gutter whiskers. These are placed into the gutter pan with the idea that they will allow rainwater to filter down to the bottom of the gutter pan and away from the roof while holding leaf debris at the top. The problem with these systems is that essentially all the leaves and debris is still going into the gutter system, debris can in fact be held in place by this system. Gutters blocked with leaf material will not improve the quality of your tank water and birds and vermin are still able to bypass the internal gutter protection and get access to your roof.

The most effective gutter protection system is an externally fixed screen or mesh like LeafScreen. LeafScreen have professionals trained to attach the mesh to a wide variety of roof types. The mesh follows the slope of the roof to the outer edge of the guttering, providing a complete cover for your gutters that will allow rainwater to pass through while keeping all larger leaf debris out of the gutters. This comprehensive protection does not allow for any gaps for birds or vermin to enter the roof space and will prevent those vermin or leaf debris from entering water tanks.

External gutter protection is traditionally made from a polyethelene plastic mesh or metal. LeafScreen mesh is a diamond shaped polyethelene which has been used in New Zealand on thousands of buildings since 2001. With well over 20 years of exposure to the harsh New Zealand climate, clients can be assured that the mesh is durable and will maintains its colour and function over time. The mesh is pliable, allowing for a tailored fit to your roof profile and less likely to scratch the surface of your roof or gutter than a metal mesh. In addition to this, the LeafScreen mesh is food grade, so that any rainwater being harvested is not tainted by the screen.

Considerations When Looking at Gutter Protection Systems

Whether you are looking for a solution to stop leaves blocking your gutter systems, to stop birds or vermin entering your roof space or to keep your tank water as clean as possible, the best gutter protection system will be an externally fixed system like LeafScreen.

A polyethelene mesh that is pliable, durable and proven effective will provide the best fit for your roof profile and will be the best investment in gutter protection for now and in the future.

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