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Why Install a Gutter Guard System?

Updated: Dec 30, 2023

The function of a gutter is to take the rainwater from your roof away from your home, to prevent costly water damage to the building structures and associated problems from water retention. The function of a gutter can be compromised by debris blocking the flow of water to the down-pipes. A gutter protection system is designed to prevent blockages from occurring. Gutter protection systems are also installed to prevent access to the roof space of your home by birds or rats, and to keep the water being harvested in tanks clear of both vermin and large leaf debris. Gutter protection systems are most successful when installed professionally. It is wise to search for a gutter protection nz company that provide robust warranties and a team that can support you with any ongoing maintenance requirements specific to your gutter.

Gutter Guard Convenience

Blocked gutters can cause leaks into the roof or walls of a building and other forms of water damage, including moss, mildew, mold and damage to the actual gutters themselves. Regular gutter care maintenance is a necessity for ensuring optimal function of the gutters. To maintain your own gutter system and keep it clear and free flowing can be a difficult task. Access to most gutters for cleaning will require working off ladders and at heights. While some people may have the right equipment, skills and health and safety measures in place to clean their gutters safely, for many, the best option is to have the gutters professionally cleaned at regular intervals or a gutter protection system installed.

Trying to prevent birds from nesting in your roof space is very challenging without a comprehensive gutter protection system. Birds are known to be creatures of habit and will return to the same nesting site year after year. If they have selected your roof space this can be an annual problem. Birds in the roof space can damage internal structures, they can be very noisy, and they can introduce other unpleasant germs to the home environment. Gutter protection systems are commonly installed for the sole purpose of preventing birds accessing the roof space.

Rats commonly enter the roof space from the gutter too. These vermin can also wreak havoc with internal wiring and structures in the roof and beyond. The noise and potential introduction of disease and germs to the home environment are all factors that lead people to look for a solution. Gutter protection systems that come with a satisfaction guarantee and warranties to back up their effectiveness are strongly recommended in the case where you want to rid yourself of a rat problem.

A vital step to harvesting the best quality tank water is to install a gutter protection system on all the gutters that feed into the tank system. For many people that use tank water in their homes, a priority is to collect the cleanest possible water from their roofs and prevent vermin or large leaf debris from getting into the tanks.

Benefits of a Professionally Installed Gutter Protection System

In New Zealand there are several gutter protection systems available in the market. If you chose a company to professionally install a gutter protection system that is proven to have worked in your environment and to effectively prevent your particular problem, you will dramatically reduce the maintenance requirements of your gutters.

An effective preventative system to blocked gutters can save money and time spent on regular cleaning services and repairs from damage caused by blocked gutters.

Birds and vermin are adept at entering surprisingly small spaces to access a roof, so a professionally installed systems that guarantees their workmanship are vital when installing a gutter protection system for this purpose.

The best gutter protection companies will clean your gutters prior to installation, provide you with pre and post photos of the process of the installation, and have an after sales service– gutter flushing and maintenance programme, if required, in your particular environment.

Are Gutter Protection Systems for Me?

A gutter protection system is the best preventative measure that can be taken to prevent gutter blockages, keep birds and rats out of your roof space and to stop tank water from being polluted by vermin or large leaf debris. Professionally installed systems by companies that have a proven track record for success and that provide you with warranties as a guarantee of their effectiveness are the best choice for your home gutters.

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LeafScreen New Zealand provides gutter solutions across the upper to central North Island, including Whangarei, Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, Rotorua, Taupo. And we can service the lower North Island - Wairarapa, Wellington areas.


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