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Are Gutter Guard Systems Effective for Bird Proofing?

Updated: Apr 26

a bird on roof gutters

Do you have birds nesting in your roof space? Gutter guards are the solution. Externally fixed gutter guards will prevent birds from accessing the roof space of your home. A comprehensive gutter protection system installed by LeafScreen is an instant solution, protecting homes and buildings from bird infestations in New Zealand since 2001. Gutter guards have the additional bonus of preventing the majority of leaf debris from blocking your gutters while stopping rats and other vermin getting into the roof space too.

Why are Birds Attracted to my Gutters and Roof?

With unprotected gutters, birds are attracted to any stagnant water that may accumulate in the gutter pan. Stagnant water can pool in a section of the guttering that is not well positioned to drain to the down pipe or where leaves have blocked the water from descending to the downpipes. Stagnant water becomes a breeding ground for insects and their larvae, an attractive food source for many birds.

Birds are also known to be creatures of habit and tend to return to the same nesting sites annually. If you have had birds nesting in your roof space before, the best measure to prevent it from happening again is to install an externally fixed gutter protection system.

How do I Stop Birds Nesting in my Roof Space?

When a gutter guard cover is installed externally over the gutter, it acts as a barrier preventing birds from entering the gutters and from there, the roof space of your house. The gutter mesh extends from the roof and is fixed in place to the outer edge of the gutters with colour matching trims. This comprehensive installation technique means there is no entry point for birds to get into your gutters and up to the roof space of your home.

Gutter Guard: Triple Action

With a gutter guard system like LeafScreen installed for bird prevention, you will also get the additional benefits of preventing the majority of leaf debris entering your gutters and stopping other vermin such as rats and opossums from entering your gutters and roof space.

Gutter mesh blocks the entry of medium to large leaf varieties getting into the gutters. This helps to keep the water flowing freely to the downpipes and reduces the chance of stagnant water accumulating in your gutter pan. Without the larger leaves blocking the flow of the water and breaking down and decaying, there is less opportunity to harbor insects and their larvae. The tiny leaf debris, small enough to enter the mesh aperture, are more freely washed through the gutters with rainwater without the larger leaves blocking their decent.

Thirdly you can rest assured in the knowledge that while you are preventing birds from nesting in your roof space you are also stopping other vermin access to your home from the gutters.

LeafScreen gutter mesh is durable, UV stabilised and supple enough to be installed on most roof types. LeafScreen guarantee the product will do the job and has proven its effectiveness since 2001 in New Zealand!

What is the Next Step to Prevent Birds Nesting in my Roof Space?

To prevent birds from entering your roof space, block the entry point at the gutters with a comprehensive external gutter guard mesh. Choose a reliable company like LeafScreen, with proven results and guarantees to ensure you are installing the best product possible. Then you can enjoy the peace of mind of protecting your home from birds and vermin and maintaining your gutters with one effective and long-term solution!

Contact the LeafScreen team for a Free Quote or call 0800 53 23 53 to discuss the issues you have at your home in more detail, we are here to help.

LeafScreen New Zealand provides gutter solutions across the upper to central North Island, including Whangarei, Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, Rotorua, and Taupo. We can also service the lower North Island - Wairarapa, Wellington areas.


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